Misadventures of an IT worker in a technologically-impaired country



The BC speech went quite fine, but I didn't talk a lot about BC, I talked about biological evolution theories instead.


I better don't talk 

Today I have drove 200km to plug a ADSL router. It was the fifth time that me or my mates made the same task in the same client just because somebody at the carrier doesn't know how to properly setup the router.
Finally seems like everything went fine, but I wonder why do I have a degree in computer science and I'm working as a cargo driver.
Now I'm at the airport waiting for a delayed flight 'cause tomorrow I have to give my speech about Business Continuity.
Fuck again! Who the hell am I?


Bad, again 

It's been a long time since my last post, mainly due to the fact that I am very disappointed with my job, and I'm trying that to not affect the rest of my life.
I am working most than ever, and I am earning the least.
Our government says that Spain is the eighth world economy, but I am earning less than a waiter in London or Paris. We have an increasing rate of unemployment (about 9% of active population) so my expectations of getting a better job aren't very good.
In my job, I am doing things that I don't like very much and that I wasn't expected to do when I started working here: 24x7 duties, driving at night to remote sites and now I'll have to spend one week out of three in Madrid.
The internal mechanisms of the company are bad managed, so there are people overloaded while others are "hand over hand".
I am in a very bad mood.


Again (pissed off) 

I am overloaded with work. My other projects are being delayed due to a problem I have with the PIX and NetBios broadcast. I arrived at office at 8:00, I've sent a mail to my client asking to make a test at 9:00. It is 11:30 and I've called him for the results of the test. And he says:
"I haven't had coffee yet, I'll call you in half an hour"
I haven't had coffee either, and probably won't have lunch...


Nuria, what have you done! 

I've noticed that most of the hits to this page come through searches on the words "nuria.telefonica-data.net"
As I stated in a previous post the reverse resolution of private addressing is due to a shitty configuration somebody (Nuria?) made at Telefonica Data of Spain.
It is quite normal that people at Telefonica do whatever they wish to with their resources without thinking what would be the effects. In this case the effects are quite annoying going from slowing programs and connections to avoiding them to work properly.
A great movement by Telefonica, almost as good as the one Verisign did with the wildmark in DNS resolutions.

If you want to test this reverse resolution, try it over the DNS at (artemis.ttd.net)


Incoming workload 

Finally IBM has given my client a solution. But the IBM technician said it was far too complicated (!) so they are going to install the NT from scratch with all its applications, users and domains.
So on monday morning I'll go over there to set up the PIX. Lets see what fails this time.

I'll have to review an old project because the client wants us to make an offer about some new features. It is a project I lead two years ago, but the part involved was developed by another person that is not in the company anymore.
My mate is on holidays so I'll have some extra work and some extra travels and stuff...



A jewel 

My client has had a problem with his server. He commented it to me, it was a problem in the loading sequence.

I told him: I guess that the system is giving log files, you could look up on them.
He told me: The problem is that it gives many many log files, you never know where to search...

He's been working with computers for the last 30 years.